Bookings (updated February 2022)

We are busy taking bookings for 2022 and beyond.

If we have to cancel a booking because we are unable to open due to a Covid-19 local lockdown for this area or a national Covid-19 lockdown we offer a transfer of dates (subject to any increase/decrease in prices advertised at that time) or a 100% refund of any monies paid to us if a rearrange of dates is not possible.

Extra Cleaning

We have been taking extra precautions due to Covid-19 to ensure us and our guests are as protected.

These include:

  • Extra cleaning in all the rooms and on all surfaces

  • Sanitiser and antiviral sprays are available for your use throughout your stay

  • Fresh property and local area information sheets are provided at the beginning of your stay

  • We ask all guests to bag up their sheets and towels at the end of the stay to help minimise the risk of transfer of germs to us (all bags etc are provided)

If you have any particular concerns regarding Covid-19 and would like to discuss these further please do not hesitate to contact us.